Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dentofacial Orthopedics

You may have noticed we are specialists in both orthodontics and dentofacial Orthotics. Most people who we speak to are familiar with orthodontics. However, they often get confused by dentofacial Orthodontics. Boise Orthodontist, our team thought that we could explain the difference.

Although orthodontics is concerned with managing tooth movement, dentofacial Orthodontics involves the guide of facial growth. Children are best suited for treatment. Boise Orthodontists can examine your child and track their growth in order to decide when treatment is most beneficial. Phase One is for children who start orthodontic treatment prior to their adult teeth have emerged. Our team will first correct the growth of your child’s jawbone and align the jaw bone before we move on to the next phase which involves braces that straighten your child’s teeth.

Boise Orthodontist can also use dentofacial orthodontics to treat adult patients. This process might involve surgery. Boise Orthodontist can control tooth movement and bone growth easier with younger patients. The situation for adults is different. Because their bones stop growing and the jaw bone has hardened it becomes more difficult to correct their bites and align their teeth properly. Boise dentists can recommend surgery to correct the bite and adjust the jaw bone.

Boise Orthodontist’s team is proficient in both, so we can identify any misalignments in your teeth or jaw, as well the facial structure.

This is our hope. Contact our Boise location to learn more about dentofacial orthodontics and for a consultation with your child. It is never too late to have a bright smile.

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"Boise Orthodontist is the best. I was impressed by their professionalism and advanced technology. My family is now here, and the rest is history."
Robert Owens
"We are thrilled that we moved to Boise Orthodontist. It has been a wonderful experience. They are reliable and care about your well-being. Great service is what I value, and you provide it every time."
Jamie Carter
"As I write this, my treatment is complete and I am so happy that it makes me cry. We are grateful for everyone's kind words of encouragement, and for the fact that you are the best at what you do."
Grace Hill
"It was the best decision that I made regarding my appearance, and Boise Orthodontist was it. Their equipment and procedures all meet the highest standards. You should make the investment. Boise Orthodontist can help you with your teeth."
Rachel Walters
"Boise Orthodontist is a welcoming place where you feel immediately welcomed and greeted from the moment you step in. It's a wonderful atmosphere where everyone makes you feel at home."
Sandra Perry
"Boise Orthodontist makes it feel very comfortable. The staff is extremely professional. The work that I have received is excellent. I enjoy smiling now and have gained my confidence."
Charles Mason
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