Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical Orthodontics

What’s Surgical Orthodontics?

Oral surgery (or surgical orthodontics) is an corrective procedure which involves straightening or repositioning your jaw and teeth in order to fix dental and/or skeletal problems. The way your Boise Orthodontist dentist approaches your surgery will depend upon a variety of factors including the severity of the condition, the location of your jaws and teeth.

Our doctors makes use of cutting-edge technology in digital imaging to plan your orthodontic treatment. This allows for greater precision and shorter treatment times. Partnering with your dentist to find the best treatment plan, we will ensure that you have a lot of fun and a smile on your face.

Are Surgical Orthodontics necessary?

What is the best way to determine whether you are a candidate? The most crucial factor is your jaw development. The difference between the growth rates of upper and lower jaws can lead to a misalignment in function and size. The corrective jaw procedure is designed to address these problems by aligning jaws correctly. If performed with Invisalign braces, orthodontic surgery results in a perfectly aligned bite. Straight teeth are the best combination of form AND function.

You may be interested in surgical orthodontics if any of these symptoms are present.

  • Difficulty in chewing, biting and swallowing
  • Pain in the jaws or jaw joints (TMJ) and persistent headaches
  • An open bite is when there’s space between the lower and upper teeth.
  • An asymmetrical face from the side or front
  • Trauma to the jaw, or face
  • Birth defects
  • Receding the lower jaw and chin
  • Protruding jaw
  • Inability, or difficulty to bring the lips together without straining
  • Chronic, persistent mouth breathing
  • Apnea during sleep

Jaw surgery is not required in all cases. Many situations that required surgery in the past, such as those involving jaws or teeth, can be treated with just orthodontics. Every person’s situation is unique, so whether or not you will need to have orthodontic surgery depends entirely on what your mouth looks like. If you are unsure if you qualify for Boise Orthodontist, you can schedule a complimentary consultation. Or, if that’s too far away, you can also request a virtual consultation.

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